The Grand Chancellor

The Grand Chancellor of the Legion of Honor is a high dignitary of the French Republic. He is ranked 17th in the French order of precedence.

Selected by the President of France among recipients of the Grand Cross of the Legion of Honor, the Grand Chancellor is appointed to head the Institution for a renewable six-year term.

An individual of either a civilian or a military background may hold the position. In actual fact, save the first Grand Chancellor under Napoleon, the Count of Lacépède, and his short-lived successor appointed during the Hundred Days, this honorary mission has always been entrusted to marshals and generals.

Since February 2023, Army General François Lecointre has directed the Institution. He is the 34rd Grand Chancellor of the Legion of Honor.

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 The 34 Grand Chancellors to date

August 14, 1803

Bernard de la Ville-sur-Illon, Count of Lacépède

 April 6, 1814            

Monsignor Dominique Dufour, Baron Pradt

February 13, 1815

Lieutenant General, Count Louis de Bruges

 March 13, 1815

Bernard de la Ville-sur-Illon, Count of Lacepede

 July 2, 1815

Jacques Marshal MacDonald, Duke of Tarentum

 September 11, 1831

Marshal Edouard Mortier, Duke of Treviso

February 4, 1836 Marshal, Count Maurice Gérard
March 17, 1839

Marshal Charles Oudinot, Duke of Reggio

October 22, 1842

Marshal, Count Maurice Gérard

March 19, 1848         

Major General, Baron Jacques Subervie

December 23, 1848

Marshal, Count Gabriel Molitor

 August 15, 1849

Marshal, Count Rémy Exelmans

 August 13, 1852

Major General, Count Philippe d'Ornano

March 26, 1853

Major General Charles Lebrun, Duke of Plaisance

 July 23, 1859

Marshal Aimable Pelissier, Duke of Malakoff

November 24, 1860   Admiral, Baron Ferdinand Hamelin

January 27, 1864       

Major General, Count Auguste de Flahaut de la Billarderie

 April 6, 1871            

Major General Joseph Vinoy

 February 28, 1880    

Major General Louis Faidherbe

October 10, 1889

Major General Victor Février

December 5, 1895

Major General Leopold Davout, Duke of Auerstaedt

 September 23, 1901

Major General Auguste Florentin

 June 14, 1918           

Major General Yvon Dubail

 January 8, 1934

Major General Charles Nollet

 November 12, 1940

Major General Charles Brécard

August 25, 1944

Army General Paul Dassault

 October 1, 1954

Army General Georges Catroux

February 15, 1969 Admiral Georges Cabanier

February 15, 1975

Army General Alain de Boissieu Déan de Luigné

 June 4, 1981 Army General André Biard
June 5, 1992 Army General Gilbert Forray
June 4, 1998

Air Force General Jean-Philippe Douin

 June 4, 2004

Army General Jean-Pierre Kelche

June 9, 2010

Army General Jean-Louis Georgelin

September 1, 2016

Army General Benoît Puga

February 1, 2023 Army General François Lecointre