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The Council of the Order



The Council of the Order is the senior council in charge of all issues concerning the governance of the Institution. An independent body chaired by the Grand Chancellor, its deliberations are confidential and its decisions are submitted to the President of the Republic.

The Legion of Honor and the National Order of Merit each have a council.

The Council of the Order of the Legion of Honor

In its responsibilities and its modus operandi, the Council of the Legion of Honor plays the role of the board of directors of the Order.

Its Role

  • After deliberation, the Council of the Order approves or rejects nominations and promotions proposed by the ministers.
  • It gives its opinion, before making its proposal to the Grand Master, on any disciplinary sanction to be taken against an honoree.
  • It reviews issues regarding the by-laws of the Legion of Honor.
  • It ensures that the regulations of the Order and its associated establishments (maisons d’éducation and museum) are observed.
  • It approves the budget of the Institution and monitors its implementation.
  • Its powers encompass the awards and by-laws of the Military Medal.

Modus Operandi

  • The Council holds a plenary meeting once a month in the “Council room” of the Grand Chancery
  • It reviews the dossiers for the Legion of Honor, for the Military Medal and for the National Medal of Recognition for victims of terrorism
  • Members serve for a renewable four-year term

The Council’s membership

  • the Grand Chancellor, president of the Council,
  • 16 leading figures proposed by the Grand Chancellor and appointed by the Grand Master.

- 14 dignitaries or Commanders of the order

- 1 Officer

- 1 Knight 

Members are chosen to reflect the diversity of French society in all sectors, industry, culture, education, medicine, government, military, trade unions, etc.


Bruno COTTE, Honorary President of Chamber at the Court of Cassation

Daniel JOUANNEAU, former Ambassador

Patrice MOLLE, former Prefet

Jean-Paul de GAUDEMAR, former Rector of University Agency for Francophonie

Martial de BRAQUILANGES, Major-General

Brigitte LEFÈVRE, former dancer Director of the Paris Opera

Patricia BARBIZET, Company President

Anne BOQUET, former regional Prefect

Marion GUILLOU, Chairperson of the French Veterinary, Forest and Agronomic Institute

Christine ROUZIOUX, university Professor, hospital Doctor

Sabine BAÏETTO-BESSON, President of Regional Observatory for Real Estate in Ile-de-France

Bernard PÊCHEUR, former President of section at the State Council

Eric CHAPLET, Admiral

Thierry CASPAR-FILLE-LAMBIE, Air Force General

Rose-Marie VAN LERBERGHE, former mamaging Director of Assistance publique - Hôpitaux de Paris

Marie-Aleth GRARD,Vice-President of a humanitarian association

The Council of the National Order of Merit

It fulfills the same functions as the council of the Legion of Honor, but it is not consulted on budgetary matters.

Modus Operandi

  • The Council meets eight times a year
  • It reviews the dossiers for the National Order of Merit to French citizens and foreigners
  • Members are appointed for a renewable four-year term.

The Council’s membership

  • A president: the Grand Chancellor
  • 12 qualified members.

 - 10 dignitaries and Commanders of the order

 - 1 Officer

 - 1 Knight


Pierre CORVOL, honorary professor at the Collège de France

Louis ZELLER, Army General, former extraordinary Chief Councillor at the Court of Auditors

Jean-Michel BERARD, senior executive Prefect, extraordinary State Councillor

Elisabeth LINDEN, Honorary Advisor to the Court of Cassation

Danielle BÉNADON, former inspector general of sustainable development administration

Dominique LAURENT, former State Councillor, President of the French Anti-Doping Agency

Jean MENDELSON, former ambassador

Philippe DUMAS, honorary General Finance Inspector

Irène FRAIN, writer

Martine BROUSSE, President of the association La voix de l’enfant

Claire LOVISI, university professor, former rector

Dominique DUCHEMIN, master glassmaker, former Secretary General of the Association of French Glassmakers