The Palace of the Legion of Honor

The head office of the Grand Chancery of the Legion of Honor is located in the Hôtel de Salm, a historical building in the heart of Paris.


The Hôtel de Salm became the Palace of the Legion of Honor in 1804. It houses the residence of the Grand Chancellor of the Legion of Honor, and the administrative services of the Institution. Its eastern wing accommodates the Museum of the Legion of Honor and the Orders of Chivalry.

This architectural jewel of the 18th century is open to the public in September every year on Heritage Days.

The Palace of the Legion of Honor is one of few national palaces that has never changed hands and mission in over two centuries, through two empires, two monarchies and four republics, in spite of damage suffered under the Paris Commune.

Under the Second Empire, an office wing was built to accommodate to the development of the Grand Chancery’s activities. In the aftermath of World War I, the museum opened in the palace’s former stables.

Its ceremonial staterooms cater to the highlights in the life of the Institution, such as induction ceremonies officiated by the Grand Chancellor, official visits and concerts of Legion of Honor school students for their families.