The Grand Chancellor’s missions

The Grand Chancellor is the central figure of the Legion of Honor. Keeper of the regulatory code and values, judge of awards, ambassador of the National Order of the Legion of Honor in France and abroad, superintendent of schools, museum director, the Grand Chancellor holds a special position within French institutions.  He chairs the councils of National Orders.


His responsibilities are vast:

  • Governance of the National Orders, the Legion of Honor and the National Order of Merit, as well as the Military Medal and the National Medal of Recognition for victims of terrorism

Administration of the Orders is his primary duty:

  • The Grand Chancellor chairs both councils of Orders, the decision-making and supervisory chambers of the awards.
  • He receives proposed nominations and promotions from ministers.
  • He is in direct contact with the President of the Republic, to whom he submits the councils’ decisions.
  • He may be heard by the Council of Ministers when the interests of the Orders are discussed.
  • He initiates disciplinary sanctions against any member who is convicted in a criminal court or who commits a dishonorable action.
  • He decides any issues concerning the administration of the two Orders and administers the Military Medal and the National Medal of Recognition for victims of terrorism


  • Responsibility for French decorations

The Grand Chancellor ensures the consistency of the French system of conferring decorations.

  • He reviews any change in the awarding of an official decoration.
  • He is consulted when a new distinction is created.
  • He grants permission for wearing foreign decorations.


  • Authority over the Legion of Honor schools

The Grand Chancellor is responsible for the Institution’s two public schools, which educate 1000 lower- and upper-level secondary school girls.


  • Management of the Museum of the Legion of Honor and the Orders of Chivalry.

The Grand Chancellor supervises the activities and influence of this museum unlike any other in the world.

To coordinate this unusual set of activities, the Grand Chancellor relies on an administration, the Grand Chancery, and a secretary general who directs its services.