Associations of honorees

Associations of honorees have the missions of social action and mutual assistance. They also contribute to a better understanding of orders and decorations in France and abroad.

SMLH: Société des Membres de la Légion d’honneur (Society of Members of the Legion of Honor)

The SMLH relies on a wide-ranging network of members to place the Order at the heart of the nation and to promote the values ​​it embodies.

Founded in 1921 by the Grand Chancellor at the time, General Dubail, to meet the needs of soldiers injured during World War I and awarded the Legion of Honor, SMLH today accounts for about half of the members of the Order of the Legion of Honor. 

True to its commitment "To make our decoration a point of starting, not of ending," SMLH has three goals:

  • Contributing to the prestige of the National Order of the Legion of Honor and to spreading the values ​​and the culture of France.
  • Promoting the values exemplified by the Legion of Honor and contributing to the development of civic and patriotic spirit, notably through educational activities with youth.
  • Participating in national solidarity actions while strengthening the bonds of mutual support among members.

In this spirit, the Society awards the designation "Honor in Action" every year to members who lead projects that serve others and society.

SNMM: Société Nationale d’Entraide de la Médaille militaire (National Military Medal Mutual Assistance Society)

With 55,000 members, SNMM has a network of 850 chapters located in France, in French overseas departments and territories, and abroad.

 It sets forth three objectives:

  • Contributing to social action among its members
  • Supporting the renown of the Military Medal
  • Maintaining the spirit of commemoration

A large part of its budget is dedicated to mutual assistance, whether financial aid for the education of orphans of a Military Medal recipient, or help for members temporarily experiencing a critical financial situation, or to initiate a movement of generosity for national causes.

ANMONM: Association Nationale des Membres de l’ordre national du Mérite (National Association of Members of the National Order of Merit)

Under its motto "Honor, solidarity, memory," ANMONM gathers 25,000 decorated members in France and abroad. ANMONM’s aims are:

  • Contributing to the renown of the Order
  • Maintaining and developing moral and civic values
  • Strengthening bonds of solidarity among members of the Order and providing individual and collective support, in both moral and material form
  • Participating in the national duty of commemoration and encouraging its practice
  • Developing a spirit of good citizenship and civic service, particularly among young people.