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The Grand Chancery of the Legion of Honor is at the helm of a noteworthy architectural ensemble, comprising in particular Hôtel de Salm and the ancient royal abbey of Saint-Denis. Listed as historical monuments, these two buildings require constant renovation and modernization. The Institution needs your financial support to conserve and enhance this exceptional heritage.

Hôtel de Salm, Palace of the Legion of Honor

Since 2011, the facades of Hôtel de Salm, its reception halls and vestibule as well as the Order’s Council Room and the gardens that look out onto the Seine river have been restored.

The next priorities awaiting funding are the renovation of the stateroom of the Houses and the restoration of the court of honor, where the triumphal arc, the colonnade and the sculptures form a spectacular grouping of antique-style architecture.


Maison d’éducation de Saint-Denis, former royal abbey

After the abbey’s north facade facing Saint-Denis basilica in 2018, the roof of the abbey’s west wing is currently being restored thanks to sponsorship.

The facades of the Bayard courtyard is awaiting funding to be refurbished as well as the old gate and the ruins of the medevial infirmary.

Inside the abbey, the restoration work of the cloister gate and the Madrid staircase banister which ended at the beginning of 2018 brought out the quality of these 18th century masterpieces thanks to a donation campaign.

Subject to securing sufficient funding, the next restoration project should focus on the grand vestibule, former parlour.


Whether you are a Legion of Honor recipient or a defender of our architectural heritage, you can contribute to the restoration work. In becoming a sponsor, you are entitled to a reduction in your income tax under French tax law.


For further information on sponsorship, please contact:

General Laporte Many



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