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The Grand Chancery of the Legion of Honor is at the helm of a noteworthy architectural and archival patrimony. Its buildings, listed as Historical Monuments, require constant renovation and modernization.

In order to be accessible online to all and notably to those conducting research, its archives must be restored and digitized.

The Institution needs your financial support to conserve and enhance this heritage essential to the history of France.


Hôtel de Salm, Palace of the Legion of Honor

Since 2011, the façades of the Hôtel de Salm, its reception halls and the gardens that look out onto the Seine, as well as the Stateroom of the Council, have undergone far-reaching restoration campaigns.

The next priority awaiting funding is the renovation of the Stateroom of the Houses and the Court of Honor, where the triumphal arch, colonnade and sculptures form a spectacular grouping of antique-style architecture.


Maison d’éducation de Saint-Denis, former royal abbey

The abbey’s north façade was restored in 2018. The roof of the west wing has been under restoration since the summer of 2019. This work has been made possible by donations of both funding and skilled work. The façades of the Bayard courtyard are awaiting funding to be refurbished as well as the old gate and the ruins of the medieval infirmary.

Inside the abbey, the cloister gate and the Madrid staircase banister, masterpieces of 18th century ironwork, have regained their original splendor thanks to a restoration campaign completed in 2018.

The Institution is currently seeking sponsors to restore the Grand Vestibule.


Maison d'éducation des Loges

After the restoration of the chapel of Notre-Dame-des-Anges in 2018 thanks to several contributions of skilled work, funding is being sought to restore the façades and interior of the chapel of Notre-Dame-des-Grâces and the horticultural greenhouse.


The archives of the Grand Chancery

The archives of the Grand Chancery are the object of a major protection and improvement project known as Mémoire de l’honneur. Restoration, digitization, a database, and refurbishment of a dedicated building can succeed only with generous philanthropy. Find out more about the project.


Do you wish to support restoring and enhancing the Grand Chancery's patrimony?

Whether you are a defender of historical treasures or a member of the national orders, you can contribute financially to these restorations. You are entitled to claim a tax deduction of your donation under French law.

•              Contact General Laporte-Many: henri.laporte-many@legiondhonneur.fr - +33 140 628 310

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