Donations and bequests



The renown of the Legion of Honor was built with the financial support of those who contribute a donation or bequest. More than ever, it relies on your generosity.


All contributors, whether individuals or businesses, whether honorees or not, help perpetuate the values ​​of the Institution and the places that represent it.

Donations or bequests made by individuals or companies are used in accordance with their wishes by the Grand Chancery of the Legion of Honor, within the scope of activities of the Institution.

Donations and bequests help the Grand Chancery to accomplish its general interest missions:

  • Donors’ generosity helps conserve the patrimony and enhance the value of the buildings of the Grand Chancery, listed as historical monuments.
  • It contributes also to the acquisition of works, to publications and to the Museum’s exhibitions.
  • The funds raised go to scholarships to educate girls in the schools of the Legion of Honor.
  • Donations are also used for the Grand Chancellor’s charities.


Donations and bequests are part of the tradition of the Legion of Honor. They have all the legal and financial guarantees of a major state institution. Official receipts for tax purposes are issued to donors.

If you would like to receive advice or make a donation or bequest to the Order of the Legion of Honor or the Grand Chancery, which administers it, please contact the Secretary General by phone on, or by email at